Sunday, 22 April 2012

A quick loop between worlds

On the long road from Glasgow, I dodged the vicious showers up the A9 before pulling over at Balsporran in the sunshine and took to the path up Geal Charn. I managed some wheezy jogging until the path got a bit upwardly angular and boggy.  The stony summit was reached in 50 minutes and I scrambled into all the gear I had to keep the oncoming hail at bay. I headed down to the south towards the col with AMharconich with brilliant but intermittent views through bruise black clouds to Ben Alder and beyond. At the col I could look left to the artics thundering along the A9 and right to the wilds of the Ben Alder forest. A massive land rover track had been driven up to the col and I used the intrusion to run back to the car through torrential rain. A Munro summit and grand if short stretch of wild achieved in less than 2 hours.

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