Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Scumbag motorist in Giant killing shocker

I went out for a ride the other night like so many other nights. The objective hazards on a mountain bike are many and varied - I might have mentioned ice, gorse, streams and gravity in the past - but this time I did not get as far as the trails. 
I pulled up beside a car to turn right but while waiting for the traffic to clear the woman driving the car suddenly started to reverse. I could not get out the way in time and she ran over my rear wheel. Luckily, I managed to unclip so the damage was restricted to my much loved Giant.
To add insult to near injury I did not get her information and she has not got in touch leaving me steaming with anger and £300 in the hole. 
My options are few but I did get some wonderful witnesses and I will keep trying to hunt her down. 
I just hope I can put the Giant back on the trails soon - the weather is grand just now. 

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